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Our History

His Majesty King Hussein led the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for 47 years between 1952 and 1999. King Hussein was a passionate believer in the power and potential of each citizen to contribute to national development. By the late 1970s, His Majesty had put Jordan on a promising path of progress. Under his leadership, Jordan became a regional model for achievements in education, healthcare, socio-economic development, and political liberalization.

King Hussein’s approach to leadership and his public service stemmed from his most deeply held personal values. He achieved remarkable progress in modernizing a conservative developing society from a pre-industrial state to a modern post-industrial state in under two generations—accomplishing this through promoting universal education, women’s empowerment, and a participatory and pluralistic system of governance.
These accomplishments reflected King Hussein's passionate belief in the power and potential of each citizen to contribute meaningfully to national development, as well as to regional peace-building.

Upon the marriage of Queen Noor to King Hussein, Her Majesty  fully embraced her role as a public servant - actively learning about the needs of the different sectors in the country and identifying pressing challenges. This became the driving force behind initiatives that fill in the gaps and respond to emerging needs in the areas of education, women and youth empowerment, integrated community development, human rights, and environmental conservation.

These development initiatives led to the establishment of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation in 1985, and shortly after King Hussein passed away in 1999, the King Hussein Foundation (KHF) was established as a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Over the past 40 years, these foundations have supported Jordan as it began its development trajectory.

Today, the King Hussein Foundation leads, under its legal framework and strategic direction, the Jubilee Institute including the Jubilee School, Tamweelcom- Jordan Micro Finance Company, Ethmar for Islamic Micro Finance, the Institute for Family Health, the Community Development Program, the Information and Research Center, the National Center for Culture and Arts, and the National Music Conservatory.

“ Therefore my concern is not for me.  It has never been… (for me anyway).  It has been for Jordan, its stability, its progress, its democracy, its people raising their heads, sharing and building up the future that is their right.”  King Hussein 1999 last interview.

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