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King Hussein Foundation International
The King Hussein Foundation International (KHFI)  commemorates and sustains King Hussein's humanitarian vision and his commitment to global peace. KHFI programs include theKing Hussein Leadership Prizeand theMedia and Humanity Program.
KHFI brings together respected leaders from around the world   -scholars, artists, policymakers and community leaders - to promote cross-culturalBaby Dollsdialogue and understanding. It also actively seeks out emerging leaders and gives them opportunities to teach and learn from each other, and to give back to their communities.
The Foundation's programs, seminars, and conferences are designed to replace stereotypes and misconceptions with discussion and dialogue, highlighting the benefits that diverse perspectives can bring to difficult challenges.
KHFI is a non-profit 501c(3), non-governmental organization based in McLean, Virginia.

Contact Information

PO Box 749 
New York, NY 10150-0749
Tel.  +001 703 2474352
Email: khfi@peacebuilders.org

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