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The Information and Research Center (IRCKHF) works to improve the well-being of children, youth and families by providing objective analysis and evidence-based information to enable effective socio-economic planning and decision-making. The IRCKHF conducts research and makes recommendations to practitioners and policy makers in Jordan and the Middle East.

IRCKHF has made significant contributions by bringing public attention to a number of issues related to social development in Jordan and the region, particularly concerning children's rights, early childhood development and education, poverty, and gender-based violence. In 1997, IRCKHF produced the first study on child labor in Jordan to raise awareness of this issue at the policy level, and to promote a national action plan to combat the problem.
IRCKHF works with a global network of partners, including UNESCO, Child Watch International and Dartington Social Research Unit, to use innovative information-sharing approaches to provide better access to knowledge on development.

Launched in 1996 as part of the National Task Force for Children, IRCKHF became a separate entity in 2001. IRCKHF has received support and guidance through the Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicagofor 10 consecutive years.

Research Fields


Women's and Children's Rights and Protection


Knowledge Exchange


Family Education in Poverty Pockets

In coordination with the Noor Al Hussein Foundation's Local Development Program for Less Privileged Areas, IRCKHF is deploying its Early Childhood Development (EDC) tools in underprivileged, rural areas throughout Jordan. The project targets children (0-8 years old), and trains parents to help develop their children's auto-sensory skills, numeracy, and linguistic skills through homemade toy kits.

Creation of a Healthy, Safe and Productive Life Based on Human Principles

Based on the IRCKHF's research and experience in addressing poverty, this project was launched in 2007 to help reduce child labor in Jordan. Funded by the European Union, the project provides five targeted communities with training and awareness of the rights and developmental needs of children, with an emphasis on combating child labor.IRCKHF has provided training to CBOs on the needs of child laborers and the appropriate interventions needed to address the child labor problem.


Women's and Children's Rights and Protection

Homicide Against Women in Jordan between 2000 and 2003

This study was commissioned by the UNIFEM regional office to obtain an in-depth understanding of homicide against women in Jordan. The study aims to assist governmental and non-governmental organizations to reduce rates of gender-based violence through informed policies and practices. The findings were released in November 2007.

Knowledge and New Technologies Among Youth in Jordan

IRCKHF was commissioned by the Open Society Institute to conduct research on the youth in Jordan, aged 15 to 24, to examine their media diet and its impact on political participation. The findings were published on the Social Science Research Network in early 2008.


Restructuring the Cultural Program of the Greater Amman Municipality

IRCKHF has concluded a full-scale study of the cultural services provided by the Greater Amman Municipality and proposed a strategy for the years 2007 to 2012 to improve cultural services in Amman. A conference on cultural management in Amman is planned to further develop cultural programs in Jordan, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among international municipalities.

Art and Cultural Spaces in the Arab World

Commissioned by the Young Theatre Arab Fund and the Ford Foundation, this project assesses the structure, management and sustainability of cultural spaces in the region. The IRCKHF carried out research in Jordan,Syria,Lebanon,Palestine,Morocco,Egypt,AlgeriaandTunisia.

Children's Readership

The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation commissioned this survey to examine book distribution and access to literature for four to 12-year olds in Egypt,Jordan,Lebanon,Palestine and Syria. The study is also examining the ways in which the media targets and reaches children.

Knowledge Exchange

Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in the Sultanate of Oman

This assessment was funded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Oman's Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment to identify the status of traditional knowledge on biodiversity in Oman. The research aimed at reviewing the various methodologies and documentation of traditional knowledge in the Sultanate.

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