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National Music Conservatory

The National Music Conservatory (NMC), established by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation in 1986, is Jordan's premier institution for the development of talented local musicians and the promotion of music appreciation in Jordan. NMC demonstrates the power of music to promote understanding, peace and unity across cultural divides.

NMC has trained thousands of students since its inception. It assists advanced students to pursue their music specialization abroad, and it campaigns in Jordan to integrate music as a fundamental component of education.

NMC musicians participate in a global network of international competitions, seminars, workshops, and master classes each year in Jordan and abroad.

The Amman Symphony Orchestra is one of NMC's most distinguished initiatives. With invaluable support from theGreater Amman Municipality, the Amman Symphony Orchestra has become an integral part of Jordan's cultural scene.


On June 10, more than 100 musicians from the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra from Harvard University and professional musicians associated with the National Music Conservatory and the Amman Symphony Orchestra will present a benefit concert to support NMC’s outreach programs for underprivileged youth in Jordan and UNHCR’s local response for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan.  Join us for a wonderful evening of classical music!

10 June, 2013 at 8:00pm

Palace of Culture - Al Hussein Sports City

Tickets available at Karasi booths: Taj Mall, National Music Conservatory, andwww.karasi.com





For Ticket Information Please Call the NMC at: 06 476-7221, 7222

NMC also pioneered the establishment of the Student Orchestra and other performing groups, including the Faculty Chamber Orchestra, the Arab Music Ensemble, Choir, and Chamber Music Ensemble. In 2004, NMC established the Palestinian String Youth Orchestra. This initiative gives underprivileged Palestinian youths from refugee camps in Jordan aged between eight and 15 the opportunity to develop their performing skills and talents.

NMC provides music education at the college and preparatory levels, and has a cooperation agreement withYarmouk Universityto award a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Dedicated student musicians can specialize in Performance, Composition and Conducting, Arab Music, Music Education, or Music Therapy. At the preparatory level, NMC instructs young students in orchestral and Arab music instruments, as well as piano, guitar, and voice. This instruction is augmented with music courses in theory, appreciation, history, reading, ear training and analysis.

NMC promotes a holistic view of the role of music in society. An innovative application is the Middle East Institute of Music Therapy and the BA program in Music Therapy, both the first of their kind in the Arab world. In conjunction withMusic in the Middle East, NMC is equipping university graduates to become music therapists, using music to treat victims of trauma as a result of armed conflict, loss, illness, or disability.

With support from theMinistry of Education, NMC has also produced several educational music manuals and books for teachers and students in public primary schools in Jordan.

Professional Associations
NMC prepares its students for the exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, of which NMC is the local representative, and the exams of the joint jury with theFrench Conservatoire National de Region de Boulogne Billancourt.

NMC is also a member of the European Association of Conservatories and Music Schools (EAC), and hosts theArab Academy of Music.

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PO Box 926687
Amman 11110 Jordan
Tel. + 962 6 4767221/2
Fax. + 962 6 4737147
Email: nmc@go.com.jo

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