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WAGE: Women and Girls Empowerment – Securing the Future
Empowering women to contribute to sustainable economic development is a key element in addressing global challenges. For countries to achieve their potential, women – 50 percent of the population – must be fully integrated and engaged in the economy and contribute to greater socioeconomic development for all. Empowering women economically not only helps them to provide for their families; it gives them improved self-confidence, more respect from others, and a greater role in decision-making. Economically empowered women are more engaged politically and take a productive role in community affairs and strengthened social networks.

For more than 30 years, programs and institutions now under the umbrella of the King Hussein Foundation have been working to provide women with the knowledge and skills needed to expand their economic opportunities and improve their livelihoods. By developing locally appropriate models and working in partnership with women and community based organizations, the Foundation impacts underserved impoverished areas throughout Jordan and the region, supporting an environment in which all women have the ability to earn a wage and the power to transform their lives.

Examples of WAGE programs include the Women Business Development Incubator in the north of Jordan and the Aqaba Micro Business Incubator in the south. Through these two centers, women attend entrepreneurship awareness sessions, received advanced trainings in management, finance, and marketing,  and are supported through comprehensive business development services such as incubation, technical trainings, and ongoing business mentorship. Further, Tamweelcom (the Jordan Micro Credit Company) provides women entrepreneurs access to finance, an essential element in starting and improving businesses and building a future for their families and communities.

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