Board of Trustees
Our Board of Trustees is broadly responsible for the overall supervision and setting of the general policy of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees is comprised of visionaries and leaders within the community committed to carrying the legacy of King Hussein towards human development, prosperity, and peace in Jordan and beyond. 


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing subset of the larger Board of Trustees, with additional expertise from some members of the KHF Advisory Group. They are responsible for reviewing, approving, and monitoring KHF’s strategic objectives and overall performance. The Executive Committee also provides feedback to the Foundation’s leadership on issues of governance according to best practice policies and procedures. 

Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is made up of social entrepreneurs and business professionals in Jordan and beyond. They are actively engaged with the Foundation’s management on strategic topics, identifying partners and opportunities, providing grounded practical feedback on the Foundation’s policy direction. 

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee, comprised of independent professionals, has a pivotal role in safeguarding the Foundation’s culture of integrity, respect, and transparency among all stakeholders by ensuring commitment to best practice across financial and technical issues.
The institutions of the Noor Al Hussein and the King Hussein Foundations are governed by the King Hussein Bin Talal Law number 22 for the year 1999, and by the strategic direction of the King Hussein Foundation.