Hussein of Jordan

Hussein of Jordan is a photographic journey and tribute to one of the 20th century's towering figures.

Published in English and Arabic, the book chronicles the life and achievements of King Hussein of Jordan.

The camera's lens follows an indomitable spirit who at 17-years of age assumed the reigns of power of a young country situated in a tumultuous region.  

The life of King Hussein not only reflects His Majesty’s profound faith, pride in his beloved Jordan, and his shared commitment with those who walked the arduous road of peace, however the History of Jordan and the Middle East as well.

Rare pictures capture Hussein the King, the world statesman, the soldier, the aviator, the avid sportsman, and family man.

Proceeds from the sale of the Hussein of Jordan book support projects of the King Hussein Foundation.

To purchase your copy of 'Hussein of Jordan' contact the King Hussein Foundation Head Office by phone or email. 
Phone: +962 6560 7460